Where to start? Why not with waffles!

I set this blog up a while ago but haven’t posted. It’s that whole getting started thing. It feels like the first post needs to be amaaaaazing or something, when really, it doesn’t.  We have no readers, so who cares? 😀

Photo by Café My House
Photo by Café My House

So I’m going to make this really short and sweet, and start with something from my favourite restaurant in the world, Café My House. They recently introduced a new menu item that I think is game changing.

It’s a Chipotle BLT. The “B” is coconut bacon, itself a small miracle. Sans the “L”, add kale. Add spicy sauce. And cashew cheez.  But the really interesting part? The “bread” is two gluten-free waffles.

I know… what?  How does that even happen?!

Well, my pal Briana, who runs the joint, constantly dreams up (literally) these really awesome ideas for dishes, and then brings them to life.  And this is just the latest (don’t start me on the tempeh cheezburger).  Although, perhaps this kind of thing is totally normal in the omnivore world and I’m just oblivious because I haven’t been one for my entire adult life.

So go and try one, if only for the novelty.  I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy it.

Note: It’s only served during the daytime. Don’t expect to get it at dinner.



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