Donut deprivation no more!

As a vegan, the opportunities to eat donuts have been few and far between.  I think something like seven years went by with no donuts.  Then I got to indulge at Hot Beans in Toronto three years ago, followed by another period of donut deprivation. I’ve made my own a few times, but it simply wasn’t the same.

It’s actually kind of a good thing. I don’t want to be unhealthy, so not having easy access to vegan donuts (and many other goodies) means I don’t experience temptation. I can’t even imagine anymore what it must be like to be an omnivore; nothing off-limits, little stopping you from eating whatever you want, whenever you want.  Donut stores on every corner!  Omnivores think that vegans are the ones with willpower, but I think it may be the other way around!

auntie loos donuts
Credit: Auntie Loo’s Treats

Over the past few years Ottawa has experienced a renaissance of vegan deliciousness, and the latest is the advent of vegan donuts at not one, but TWO all-vegan bakeries. That we have two all-vegan bakeries is wild enough, but now donuts too?

Auntie Loo’s is the original, and has just this past weekend come out with four varieties of baked donuts. I have to admit, I wasn’t one of the lucky few who managed to try one, but one of my friends did (several, actually) and he assures me that they are great not just by vegan standards, but by any standard.

Credit: Strawberry Blonde Bakery.

In another recent development, Strawberry Blonde Bakery has introduced apple fritters, in both glazed and cinnamon sugar varieties. I have tried these (ok fine, I tried three of them) and they were very satisfying.  I couldn’t tell if they were baked or fried; I’m leaning towards baked, but the  edges on them were so crispy and delightful that I can’t be sure.  For the uninitiated, Strawberry Blonde’s baked goods are not only vegan, but also gluten-free and nut-free.

Stay tuned on the Facebook pages for both of these businesses, as that’s where you’ll get the heads up on donuts and other special treats.

Have you tried either of these special treats? What did you think?


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