Getting our fix: A find for chocoholics

I try to support local and small business with my spending  more often than not. That I know personally many of the local veg business owners  means in doing so, I’m supporting my friends’ livelihoods as well.

But every few months I make a Costco run to pick up a few staples (organic breakfast cereal, for one) and to buy socks and underwear.  I really don’t enjoy it. I find it exhausting and a bit soul-sucking. I console myself with the knowledge that Costco front line employees make pretty decent coin for retail, and that from what I’ve read, the CEO isn’t a total jerk.

imageEvery so often I find a product that I’ve never seen elsewhere. Most recently  it was barkTHINS; dark chocolate and pumpkin seed bark, which just a touch of sea salt.  Very importantly, it’s certified fair trade.  And the product is vegan, of course.

I took my bag into the office and shared it with my colleagues, and everyone agreed that it’s pretty much amazing.  It’s dark chocolate, but without even a hint of bitterness. It has a great melt in your mouth texture; not at all chalky or mealy. Nutritionally, between the dark chocolate and the pumpkin seeds it’s a solid source of iron- one 40 gram serving has 20% of your daily intake- and even 7 grams of protein per serving.

I highly recommend these for anyone who appreciates fine chocolate, produced under fair conditions. This is probably not the best choice, however, for a two-year-old.

Found: Costco Merivale Road.  Perhaps someone can let us know if it’s been spotted elsewhere?

Price: $10 for a one pound pouch


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