Some love gluten; others say FUK Flour

I know I know, it sounds crass. But FUK Flour is actually the name of the bakery about which I’m writing today.  It will probably come as no surprise that it is a gluten-free bakery (founded in 2012).

Date squares from Fuk Flour

I want to start with a preface: I have no problem with gluten.  I know celiacs totally do, and that others may find that they prefer to avoid or limit it.  I go to FUK Flour periodically not because it is gluten-free, but rather, despite that fact.

It’s because the baked goods are really good. It’s  because although it isn’t a vegan bakery, the owner, Darren, has worked really hard to create vegan options. Probably between 50-75% of his creations are vegan. And it’s because even though I’ve only been in twice before, Darren recognized me and right away started pointing out all of the vegan options.

I wanted to pick something up for my the humans in my household (Freyja wasn’t going to get her paws on these!), so I got chocolate cupcakes for my husband’s sons (one with peanut butter frosting, the other with strawberry frosting), date squares for my husband, gingerbread cookies for me, and a little banana nut loaf so that I could pretend to be healthy. (“It has maca powder in it!” Darren exclaimed.)  Other vegan options while I was there included two other varieties of cookie, another kind of mini loaf, and “Red Velvet Brownies.” (“Made with beet juice!!”)

The icing is sliding off.
The icing is sliding off.

My cookies were exactly what you want a gingerbread cookie to be- soft with slightly crisp edges, and almost melt in your mouth. My husband enjoyed his date square even while grumbling about its gluten-free status.  And the cupcakes are long gone.

Perfect gingerbread cookies. ❤

I had FUK Flour’s chocolate peanut butter brownie last summer (not on today’s menu) and it was hands down, among the best brownies I’ve ever had.

FUK Flour is tucked just off of Main Street in Manotick, so many of you may never get there.  But for those who do get to Manotick sometimes or who are highly motivated to find vegan and gluten-free treats, it’s a great place to check out.  Keep in mind though, it’s mostly a one-man show, and if you’re after a specific treat, you would be well-advised to call first.  You don’t want to drive all the way to Manotick only to be disappointed.

5558 Manotick Main Street
(613) 878-2143


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