For the love of lunch

I’ve always been someone who “brown bags” lunch the vast majority of the time. For many years it was because I was too poor to eat out.  Then it was because vegan lunch was too difficult to buy.  Now it’s a combination of cost, time (I often eat at my desk), and also wanting to pack a significant nutritional punch into every meal.

south indian lunch
Lunch from Feb. 10-14, from top left: Coconut curried butternut squash, basmati rice, split pea/lentil dal with kale, and curried cabbage.

Every weekend I set aside a couple of hours and prepare my lunches for the week.  What I make can depend on the season, what restaurant I ate at last (inspiration!), what veggies I need to use up, or a recipe I’ve discovered.  Some people say “oh I wish I had the time,” but it is seriously a matter of making the time. There are things I don’t do that I’d like to do, because I make this a priority.  Lunch is serious business for me.  (I  peel and cut 4-5 pounds of carrots for the week as well.)

Over the holidays Yves and I went to Ceylonta a handful of times, and I became preoccupied with South Indian food.  Sadly, I cannot respectably replicate Ceylonta’s absurdly delicious veg thali (or dosas), but I do use it as my inspiration. (Sorry, I don’t have pics because I always eat it too quickly.) I posted a photo of last week’s lunch on Facebook and people were quite keen for the recipes. so here goes.

I’ll start with the lentils/peas.  Basically, I bought a can of Farm Boy’s lentil split pea soup for it. I sautéed a few cups of shredded kale, then stirred in the Farm Boy “soup”, adding salt to taste.  That’s it.

The cabbage: I used Farm Boy pre-shredded cabbage, but you don’t have to. It was about 3-4 cups worth. Then I followed this recipe.

The curried squash:  I followed this recipe.

I’ll share more week-long lunches as I make them. 🙂


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