Icing the cake: vegan cosmetics at terra20

Most days, I don’t wear any make up at all;  largely because I run out of time in the morning.  When I do wear it, it’s not to put on a mask or impress anyone, it’s because I like adding a bit of colour. It’s like putting icing on a cake.

It used to be hugely challenging to source cosmetics that were firstly, not tested on animals, and secondly, contained no animal ingredients.  A final, distant consideration was the cocktail of questionable chemicals contained within most mainstream cosmetics. Options were limited, or available only by visiting major far away cities or by ordering from the internet.

I was recently made over for a gala by terra20 cosmetic artist, Thierry, using only vegan products. Here's the before and after.
I was recently made over for a gala by terra20 cosmetic artist, Thierry, using only vegan products. Here’s the before and after.

Then terra20 came along. I think I’m legally required at this point to disclose that I work for terra20’s corporate head office. However, anyone who knows me knows that my pursuit of healthier, kinder, more mindful alternatives pre-dates my employment with terra20 by many years.  In fact, it’s that experience as a somewhat early adopter that led in part to my being hired!  I was involved with the public launch of the company, and I manage its  communications and community relations.

For the uninitiated, terra20 is a go-to retailer of healthier and more sustainable consumer products, including a huge focus on cosmetics and personal care products (and many many other things). We have two bricks and mortar locations at the moment- one at 2685 Iris St. (beside Ikea) and a second at 1304 Wellington St. W. (across from Strawberry Blonde). Members of the NCVA get a 10% discount at terra20, and terra20 also refunds 2% of NCVA purchases back to the NCVA.

Relevant to avoiders of animal cruelty:

  • terra20 will not carry products if they are tested on animals (commonly referred to as “cruelty-free,” although my definition extends to not using the animals’ byproducts).
  • terra20 has a bunny icon that denotes when products are vegan (any guesses who had a hand in that?), and I’d estimate that between 1/3 and 1/2 of our cosmetics and personal care products have earned the bunny, making it easier to figure out which products are relevant to vegans.
terra20's Contains No Bunnies icon
terra20’s Contains No Bunnies icon

Of interest to mindful consumers in general:

We also have cosmeticians at both stores, so while you can certainly order products from online retailers, you won’t get the professional assistance and opportunity to try them before you buy them.

A few of my daily products include:

Anadalou tinted BB cream (link not available)

I’m not kidding when I say that this product makes me glow.  It also provides SPF 30 protection

Gabriel Mascara

I am on my fourth container.  It’s not clumpy, and it goes on smoothly.  The Gabriel line (along with its sister line, Zuzu,) is entirely vegan.

Pure Anada blush (in bronzed clove)

I use this just to highlight my cheekbones.  There are many other vegan (i.e. no carmine!) blushes by this brand. It’s a made in Canada product.

Bare English lip balm

A relatively new product, this is the best vegan lip balm I’ve tried. There are three delicious flavours. Made in Canada.

Do you have a favourite vegan cosmetic product?

Additional resources:

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