Love Flock

One of my not-so-secret delights (and shames) is my love of apparel. It feels frivolous, and consumeristic, yet I find it almost irresistible. I wrote about it on another occasion, here.

I figure the least I can do then is try to make better, more ethical and sustainable choices. When I became vegan, that eliminated wool, silk, leather and fur (not that I was wearing fur anyway) but in recent years I’ve become increasingly concerned about labour conditions under which apparel is made (thank you, No Logo) and also the environmental impact of the apparel industry, which is significant.

Towards the end of 2012 I made a pact with myself to limit the vast majority of my apparel purchases to those that are more sustainable, in a variety of ways. That could mean made in Canada or made of organic or recycled materials, etc. If it was both, then wonderful. I’ll write more about that another time.


I’m pleased to say I’ve done really well with my pact. It means every article I buy is a bit pricier, but I feel a lot better about what I’m wearing, and I love that much of my clothing has a story.  Such as this scarf ^^ that I picked up today at Flock Boutique, by Madeleine Northey.

I learned about Flock just a few months ago when the second terra20 was being built just down the street.  It is now my go-to for unique, made in Canada clothing and accessories. I love it. LOVE it.  Some stuff is made from more sustainable materials etc. but their big thing is that everything in the store is made in Canada. How cool is that?!


So I saw the scarf when I ran into Claire from Strawberry Blonde Bakery today. She was wearing one in a different colour, and I went a bit nuts. I was completely overtaken with desire for the scarf. I got her “okay” to buy the purple version.  There are foxes, bunnies, raccoons, mice, badgers, hedgehogs, minks and wild boars on it.  And they’re all using photography equipment!  The randomness just kills and delights me.

This scarf has the best of every world. It’s made in Ottawa by a young woman who custom prints them on organic cotton fabric.  It’s an infinity scarf, which means it’s one big loop.

flock bowties

Flock is really a beautiful little boutique, with friendly staff and gorgeous, unique apparel.  Shopping there means you’re supporting Canadian businesses- not just the retail outlet itself, but also the designers whose creations tempt me every time I walk in. (I’m looking at you, Creations Encore.)

The scarf wasn’t my first purchase, and it won’t be my last.  Visit Flock – you won’t be disappointed!

Flock Boutique
(613) 695-0834

Madeleine Northey


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