Mindful Mavens Giveaway: Bare English & Co. Lip Balm

 This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Andie and Katie who were selected by random number generator! 

Read on to find out how you can enter to win THIS!

Five years ago, vegan lip balm was hard to come by. I remember ordering it by mail from an American online store and by the time you factored in shipping and other costs it was $8-9 a tube. Ludicrous.

So I was thrilled to learn about Bare English & Co. Lip Balm, a new Toronto-based company, from my friend Andrea Tomkins. I ordered a three-pack right away after hearing her positive review, and was delighted when two sets arrived in the mail for the price of one, encouraging me to share with a friend.

They lived up to their promise. The initial three flavours were Mint Chocolate, Pomegranate Berry and Vanilla Coconut; the flavours were luscious and the lip balm felt amazing on my lips. I’ve bought several more since, and I made an official product recommendation to terra20 (where I work) to bring them into our stores (we did!)

The latest flavours are Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Almond, Pink Grapefruit and Cherry Berry.

I wanted to find out more about the origins of this rising Canadian company, and share one of my favourite products with you all (giveaway below!) so I connected with Frank, the company’s co-founder.

bare english3Pamela: How did your brand come about, and evolve?

Frank: There are many factors that led to the creation of Bare English & Co. Tea Infused Lip Balm. I would say the main impetus was the lack of comparable products on the market.  I wanted to create a brand of organic vegan products that didn’t scream “organic.”  There are no flowers or trees on our packaging; instead there’s a cool rock-and-roll feel to it! While being unique, we boast all the benefits associated with being an organic vegan product.


Pamela: So many lip balms are not vegan, and rely on beeswax.  Is there a particular reason that you decided to make your line vegan?

Frank: We wanted to give vegans the option of having cool products that work well and suit their lifestyle. We wanted to create a product, and a company, that we could be proud of that reflects everything that veganism represents: good health, clean living, love towards all creatures.

Additionally, we believe that using candelilla wax in our balms actually produces a better end result compared to beeswax. It is a harder wax, which means we have a higher oil to wax ratio. Jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil – that’s the stuff doing the moisturizing so the more of it the better!


Pamela: What is the story behind the name “BareEnglish”?

Frank: Bare seemed to be a perfect fit for our products.  We use clean, fair-trade, gmo free, organic ingredients and pack it all in a see-through tube. We don’t add any chemical additives or preservatives so our balms really are “bare”.

Before we discuss how we came up with “English” we need to explain why we infused the balms with tea. There were two main reasons; my partner is absolutely tea obsessed and when we were in the beginning stages, one of us came up with the brilliant and crazy idea to infuse our products with tea.  It took some time in development but we figured out how to infuse the oil with all the healthy butt-kicking antioxidant benefits of tea.  From there, it seemed like a no-brainer to put a British spin on the branding.  I mean, when you think tea, you think Britain.


Pamela: Who dreams up the flavours?

Frank: It’s a collaborative effort of all employees with even some input from from our fans! We love getting flavour suggestions and are always experimenting with new combinations.  Finally when we come up with something that everyone just cant live without – thats when we take it to market.

 bareenglish2Pamela: Is there a most popular flavour?

Frank: Currently our most popular is Grapefruit. People can’t seem to get enough of it – and as a result – we are manufacturing grapefruit around the clock! It’s the perfect flavour for spring/summer. Made with white tea, it is super refreshing with a touch of sweetness and still packs all the nutrition that comes in all our balms.


Pamela: What’s next for your company?

Frank: Our balms have been really well received and we have started to get quite the following. Both our vendors and our fans are asking for tea infused vegan organic products so we are currently in the process of developing a few more such as hand cream and body lotion.




So here’s what’s up for grabs: Two (2) entire sets of Bare English Lip Balm!  Two winners will each receive one tube of each of the seven flavours.

To enter the giveaway, please respond with a comment that answers one of the following:

  • If you’ve tried Bare English Lip Balm, what’s your favourite flavour, and why?
  • If you haven’t, which flavour are you most interested to try?

Winners will be chosen randomly by number draw.


Details: Giveaway is open to Canadian residents, excluding Quebec.  Two random winners will win a Bare English Lip Balm set, valued at $35 each, to be mailed to the winner directly from Bare English.  Giveaway closes on Saturday, July 12 at 11:59 PM EST.  One entry per person. The Mindful Mavens are not responsible for the delivery of the prize and cannot be held accountable for any discrepancies.

Additional Disclosure: The author received promotional consideration such as samples, related to a product mentioned in this post. The author works for a retailer where this brand is sold.



35 thoughts on “Mindful Mavens Giveaway: Bare English & Co. Lip Balm

  1. I would love to try the pink grapefruit. It’s always the flavour I pick for just about anything! Thanks for the chance to win!


  2. I recently found Bare at a Shopper’s drug store during a ‘lip balm crisis’. I was shocked to find a truly vegan lip balm in such a generic business. The flavour I tried was vanilla almond and it was amazing. I loved the texture, the smell, and the shape of the lip balm. I also found that it lasted a really long time, which is my main complaint with other vegan lip balms. The flavour I would most like to try next is the pink grapefruit, 1) because I love anything pink, and 2) because grapefruit is my favourite fruit!


  3. Love, love, LOVE the chocolate mint one! Smells delicious and is super moisturizing. That was actually the first time I finished a lip balm…ever! I usually lose the tube or get bored of the flavour by that time.

    Looking forward to trying out Cucumber-Melon (Pam don’t laugh lol) and the Pink Grapefruit one 🙂


  4. Hello Mindful Mavens,

    Please accept this as my entry into the giveaway.

    I have never tried this lip balm, but I would be most interested in trying the Cucumber Melon because it sounds refreshing and summer-y.





  5. This is the lip balm I use! I came across them last year while standing in line at a pharmacy check out. I saw the word “vegan” – sold! I bought the Pomegranate Berry, loved it and haven’t tried any other flavour. Perhaps this is the occasion to try them all?


  6. I’ve tried two flavours so far and my favourite of the two is definitely Pink Grapefruit. It’s so deliciously scented that I wish I could eat it!


  7. Being an extreme cold winter skier and a summer swimmer/runner…the exposure to the elements crack my lips….so I can use some natural stuff on my lips to keep them from cracking. And to test which flavour I like best…well l’ll just have to put them on my girlfriends lips…and then choose 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Pucker up testing 101.


  8. I’ve tried the Vanilla coconut and it’s absolutely amazing! As soon as you put it on your lips feel instantly hydrated and it is super lightweight!


  9. I searched for several months with dry cracked lips, looking for vegan lip balm. When you live in “CowTown” (aka Calgary, Alberta), finding vegan ANYTHING is a challenge. But then like a light shining down from the heavens, Bare English & Co. appeared at SDM. Now my lips are soft and happy!
    I have only tried Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Almond, and Pink Grapefruit. I REALLY want to try the Pomegranate Berry!!


  10. I discovered these lipbalms at the Toronto Tea festival earlier this year. As a vegan, I jump at the chance to try any new vegan products. I bought the coconut vanilla and cherry berry. I keep one on my desk at work, the other in my purse. Both are luscious on my lips. The cherry berry is so yummy, it reminds me of retro candy! I would love to try the pomegranate berry next as I LOVE pomegranate and anything berry-ish! But really, I’m sure all the different flavours will be amazing… I’m not fussy!
    Thanks Bare English for creating a vegan friendly, deliciously yummy, affordable product 🙂 !


  11. i would like to try cucumber melon that is my favorite smell of all time that and lavender and i would love to try organic lip balm thanks for the chance


  12. YUM!! I am so excites to try these even if I don’t win! Thank you to the company and to this amazing blog for giving us a chance to win an awesome product. I would love to try the vanilla almond because smelling like a cookie appeals to me greatly hahahaha ❤


  13. I’m thinking the vanilla almond would be amazing to try! I have always loved vanilla and recent got into almond scented products as well. I’ve been sticking with Crazy Rumours for my vegan lip balms so far and would love to branch out! I’ve seen them at Terra20 before and they look very enticing 🙂


  14. I would love to try out the pink grapefruit!! There are so many great vegan lip balms out there and I could use a few new ones! Going to have to order some if I don’t win 😉


  15. Always looking for vegan lip balm! Thanks for raising the awareness. Flavours that pea
    k my curiosity are: Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Almond, Pink Grapefruit


  16. such a difficult choice…vanilla almond or grapefruit!…..grapefruit first because it is summer and vanilla almond in winter


  17. As soon as I discovered the Vanilla Coconut, I haven’t looked back! It’s always my go-to lip balm now. It really is out of this world coconut goodness. I haven’t come across any cosmetic that has that true, genuine coconut smell/flavor. It’s amazing! That said though, I would definitely love to try their other flavors! Either way I will always continue to support companies such as this one – vegan and proud of it. Thanks for the post Pamela! 🙂


  18. I am always on the lookout for lip balms that are organic and not filled with chemicals. The fact that these are Canadian is a big bonus! I would love to try the Pink Grapefruit or Vanilla Coconut (it is so hard to pick one!).


  19. Thanks so much…I finally won something!! I got my balms last week and they are AMAZING! I highly recommend trying them. They are really good quality and smell divine! Best I have tried.


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