Vegan Product Review: Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello readers! My name is Mackenzie, and this is my first post with the Mindful Mavens. I will be posting product reviews for vegan products available in the Ottawa area, with preference for locally made products. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what I should review next! Introductions out of the way, let’s jump in to the review.

The cookies themselves!
The cookies themselves!

Strawberry Blonde Bakery is vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free bakery located in Ottawa on Grange Avenue (just off of Wellington). That being said, I picked up my cookies at the Billings Bridge Natural Food Pantry, and have seen their products sold at Market Organics and Rainbow Foods as well. I don’t have a gluten intolerance or a nut allergy, so it’s mainly the vegan aspect of the bakery that interested me. However, the overlap is great for people who may be serving Strawberry Blonde products at parties or to people with multiple allergies.

My product of choice today was their Mint Chocolate Cookies. I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth, so I figured a baked good would be the perfect product for my first review! As with any Strawberry Blonde product, I was not disappointed. I’ve had their sugar cookies, cherry cake, brownie, and Queen Elizabeth cake in the past, all being delicious and satisfying.

The cookies themselves are a little bigger than an Oreo. At first glance, I was delighted to realize they contain chocolate chips. The taste of the cookies was incredible! They had a rich dark chocolate flavour, with subtle mint coming through. The cookies maintained a level of sweetness that I enjoyed, without being overwhelmed by it. The texture was not quite that of a soft cookie, but the chocolate chips helped to even it out with a more creamy feel. They are rich, so one or two paired with soy or almond milk turned out to be a lovely rainy day snack. I asked my partner for his impressions, and I got a muffled “Mmm! They’re minty!”.

My rainy day snack.
My rainy day snack.

I love that Strawberry Blonde Bakery is a local business catering to diets that are often marginalized in major chain grocery stores. I think the fact that the business is locally owned by two women just sweetened the deal! Check out their menu for the wide variety of baked goods they have for special order, or head out to one the locations that carries their products.

Would I purchase again? Absolutely! And probably in the near future because these cookies are going fast…

Price: 5.69 at Market Organics, for a container of 8 cookies

Ingredients: brown cane sugar, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, white rice flour, sweet rice flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, cocoa powder, vegan butter, apple sauce, potato starch, arrowroot flour, millet flour, vanilla extract, potato flour, mint extract, baking soda, salt, xantham gum


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