Vegan Product Review: Coconut Ice “Cream”

My second product review is of another sweet treat. This one is a little more seasonally appropriate for Ottawa’s summer weather. I was walking up Bank Street this past week, and recalled hearing about Thimblecakes‘ coconut vegan ice cream. In the face of ice cream, I can never say no, so in I went.

Thimblecakes' beautiful storefront!
Thimblecakes’ beautiful storefront!

Thimblecakes is an adorable little bakery that has a great community impact. Monthly, they have a charity day with proceeds being given to a local animal shelter. They buy organic, compost their waste, and recycle too (which us Mindful Mavens love). The name of the bakery comes from a Peter Pan reference, making it the most whimsical business I’ve ever been to! Check out the story here.

My ginormous cookie dough scoop, resting on top of the orange chocolate chip scoop.
My ginormous cookie dough scoop, resting on top of the orange chocolate chip scoop.

I admit I thought that they would be serving a pre-packaged ice cream of some kind. I was so wrong! They had actually made the ice cream so recently that I couldn’t eat it off a cone, it was still too creamy and would have slid off. Of course they offered to put a cone on top for me, but I was quite content tasting it out of a cup.

I opted for two scoops: cookie dough, and orange chocolate chip. Both taste slightly coconutty. The cookie dough was incredible. It was sweet and creamy, with just enough cookie dough throughout the scoop. The orange was refreshing and a little more summery, with the orange and coconut bringing that scoop to a more fruity palette. Both flavours were rich and yummy, probably the closest I’ve come to my favourite ice creams of my pre-veganism days.

The flavour selection of the day.
The flavour selection of the day.

I was glad to be informed that all of Thimblecakes’ coconut ice cream flavours were vegan. Though they aren’t a completely vegan bakery, they also cater to vegans with their baked goods. Find a list of flavours and which allergens they contain here.

Overall, the coconut ice cream was amazing. My two scoops ran me about 7$, with prices increasing if you decide to get a cone, and based on which cone you want. For two giant scoops of fresh vegan ice cream, made at an environmentally conscious bakery, I think that’s a fair price.  I would recommend it to anyone who likes cruelty-free frozen treats! I will definitely be going back, hot weather or otherwise.


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