Lather up! Sud With Me initiative helps dogs in need

aniaI want to tell you all about Ania Kemp, who has recently become a soap making maven, all in the name of raising funds for Sit With Me dog rescue.

Ania is vegan (as are her products), and now sells her soapy creations exclusively to raise funds for the rescue.  They are made of pure, safe ingredients, and sometimes even decorated with images of adorable adoptable dogs.

The next place where she will be selling her products is  at the “BBQ for rescue” at the Bells Corners Animal Hospital, 2194 Robertson Rd., from 11-3 on Sunday Sept. 14.

I asked Ania some questions so we could learn more about her initiative, Sud With Me.

PT: What exactly is Sud With Me? What is the concept?

AK:  Sud With Me is my little fundraising business where I sell natural products and donate profits to rescue. I sell natural soap, deodorant, bug spray, chap stick, and solid perfume. I plan to make other products in the future, such as paw chap for dogs to help with cracked paws in the winter.

sudwithme1PT: How did Sud With Me come to be?

AK: I’m on the fundraising committee for Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue (SWM) and I’ve been trying to think of things that I can do to help raise funds for rescue dogs. I tried making other items without success, but when a friend showed me how to make soap and other natural products, I thought I could try to sell them and donate profits to a rescue. I enjoy making the products, so it’s a hobby with a purpose.

PT: What are you hoping to accomplish with Sud With Me?

AK: I’d like to sell as many products as I can make so that I can donate as much money to rescue as possible.

PT: Is soap making etc. something in which you have had a longstanding interest?

AK: Nope! I’ve been interested in natural products for a while, but I really only became interested in making them when a friend and I got together and started talking about it. She has a small business where she sells her amazing products and she offered to show me how to make them. Mary, the founder of Filthy Pig Soap Co., also loves to help animals and donates her products to different SWM events. She was more than happy to show me how to make and label everything. I’m still really new to this so I hope my products start to look better with time – but they work great!

sudwithme2PT:  What are some of the most popular products?

AK: The soap is the most popular product to date, but I’ve only started to sell the other products recently. The solid deodorant has been going fast as well.

PT:  How can people buy them from you?

AK: People can order my products from me from my Facebook page, but they’ll need to come by my place to pick up. Otherwise, I try to go to as many SWM events as possible and I sell my products there. I post which events I will be going to on my Facebook page as well.

PT:  Anything else people should know?

AK: Many products are tested on animals, which is cruel and unnecessary. With all the harmful chemicals being put into personal and household products, I think it’s important to think natural.  Most household items that we buy can be made at home using natural ingredients. I encourage people to give it a try – it’s fun and rewarding! If you don’t have the time to make your own products, look for the leaping bunny when buying any store-bought product, read the ingredients and learn what you are putting in and on your body, as well as in your home.

A gallery of Sud With Me products – including prices – can be found here.


One thought on “Lather up! Sud With Me initiative helps dogs in need

  1. Great post Pamela and Ania! For anyone who hasn’t tried Ania’s products I must say you are really missing out! These products are fantastic, and benefit both you AND animals in need; how many items that you buy can claim the same?


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