Montreal Vegan Festival Round-Up!

Hello readers!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Montreal Vegan Festival! In addition to brushing up on my French, I basked in a crowd of ethical people, and ate my weight in vegan food. In this post I’m going to be highlighting my favourite parts, but you can find a complete list of exhibitors on the Festival’s website, here.

Free vegan cookies!
Free vegan cookies!

My friend and I took the train from Ottawa at arrived at noon in Montreal. The festival was only a twenty minute walk from the train station, located at the Coeur de science, a UQAM building on Sherbrooke. This gave us a chance to stretch our legs and see the city. We approached the entrance table and were given a Sophie Sucrée molasses cookie just for showing up! A two dollar donation towards the costs of running the festival also got us a reusable Natura bag. Admission was free. We were already some happy vegans.

We then headed off to the exhibitors section. Full disclosure: I attended none of the talks given. The complete list of what talks were given is on the website.

FEDJA's table display!
FEDJA’s table display!

First impressions: it was packed! The first room seemed to be mainly animal advocacy groups. The first table we approached was FEDJA (Fonds étudiant pour la défense juridique des animaux). The students manning the table had very informative pamphlets that approached animal activism from a legal standpoint. They had painstakingly flagged pages of the Criminal Code that applied to animals, and were both very knowledgeable and passionate. We also checked out the APFA (The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals), where we found some cute buttons and stickers available by donation. To access the next room, we walked across a small courtyard.

This is where we started to get into the food items. This room was even busier! I think it’s safe to say the festival had a good turnout. Right by the entrance was the Sophie Sucrée table, where I couldn’t resist purchasing their banana chocolate chip loaf. I shared it with my partner the next day it was still moist as ever! Next, we sidled over to the Giddy Yo-Yo display. Any other chocoholics out there will understand why this was exciting to me! I ended up only getting some of their chocolate-scented lotion, as their products (all raw and vegan!) are widely available in Ottawa as well.

Lola Rosa's lunch offering.
Lola Rosa’s lunch offering.

At this point we were starting to want lunch. It was around 1:00pm, and we had spent the morning traveling. The first both we saw was the tried and true Lola Rosa. There, we had a taco bowl with beans and other vegetables on it. This ended up being messy, but so worth it. We purchased what look and tasted like cookie dough bars from them as well. We ended up getting one of the last taco bowls, they had to send someone back to the restaurant to get more! We checked out Chef Veganessa next. Chef Veganessa provides meal delivery and cooking classes, located in Beaconsfield, Quebec. The business is run by owner Vanessa Percher, a certified nutritionist and natural food advocate. Luckily for us, they had their food available for us to try. I purchased Power Balls, a delicious chocolatey date and nut ball, as well as a rice wrap with cashew. My friend and I ate our rice wraps on the train and found them to be filling and miraculously not soggy, despite our long day.

Mouton Vert's Mouthwatering Products
Mouton Vert’s Mouthwatering Products

One business that stood out to me was Mouton Vert. They’re a bakery and restaurant located in Montreal that offers Mediterranean vegetarian and vegan food. I had never heard of them previously, but they had a variety of Greek food, veganized! I was offered a ginger cookie that was crispy and spicy. Of course, I purchased other Greek treats and was told that the owners’ mother actually made a lot of the treats herself. How cute is that? I can’t wait to try them out next time I’m in town.

Now on to a few other tables we visited briefly. Macatruffe, where I purchased decadent mint rose truffles, and Druide Cosmetiques, where I found vegan cinnamon toothpaste. I have a lot of trouble finding vegan toothpaste that I find actually works, so I’ve been encouraged by the Druide brand so far. I quite like it! I’m upset I only purchased the smaller tube. I was glad to be able to find some new vegan brands to try outside of the Ottawa Scene.

Pamela Tourigny of the NCVA and Ottawa Veg Fest, and Nadia Mohabir, who played a big role in organizing the Montreal Vegan Festival. Feat. Paradis Végeetarien's kebab.
Pamela Tourigny of the NCVA and Ottawa Veg Fest, and Nadia Mohabir, who played a big role in organizing the Montreal Vegan Festival. Feat. Paradis Végeetarien’s kebab.

And finally, we reached the last room. We were greeted by the famous Paradis Végétarien’s booth, with some bizarrely meaty mock-meat products. I tried the kebab and was a little weirded out by how meaty it was. Take that as you will, but I think I’ll be sticking to other brands for now. Moving down the aisle, I found Auntie Loo and Zengarry of Ottawa fame! Both were doing incredibly well, with exclamations of “yum!” being heard from the crowd. Auntie Loo’s was offering samples of their coffee cake that people seemed to love. I shared the pumpkin cake with my friend on the train home, even in Montreal we had to get our Auntie Loo’s fix!

Librairie Zone Libre's spread
Librairie Zone Libre’s spread

The last booth I’d like to mention is Librairie Zone Libre. They carried a lot of titles surrounding animal rights and ethics. Although they mainly had French titles, I purchased a copy of Ecofeminism (edited by Carol J. Adams!) in English. It’s great to have a booth like theirs to round out all the food and cosmetic booths. I can’t wait to dig in to my new book while munching on Sophie Sucree banana bread.

We spent about 3 hours there total. By the end, we exited and sat in a courtyard and had a drink, it got really hot in there! I’m so pleased with how the festival turned out, it was very well organized. I am eagerly anticipating next year’s festival already.


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