My Healthwise Ottawa feature

I was very honoured a few months ago when Healthwise Ottawa editor Judy Field got in touch seeking to include a profile about me in the magazine’s winter issue (link to the full article is below).

Healthwise Ottawa has been around for seven years, and is a well-produced publication that covers health and wellness news in the Ottawa area.  It is distributed mostly through the Ottawa Citizen and reaches 75,000 people.

The feature covers my work at terra20, my volunteer endeavours, and my current role as an ambassador for Nature Canada’s Women For Nature program (along with some crazy accomplished people like Elizabeth May, Margaret Atwood, Leanne Cusack and Michele Valberg). Kudos to writer Nicola Maule, and photographer Jamie Kronick, who both did a terrific job, and made the process fun.

healthwise article

Interestingly, the process of developing the article and taking the photos occurred at a time when I had just disengaged from a number of my volunteer pursuits, so I felt a bit undeserving.  However, as my friends and family remind me, everyone needs to take a break sometimes, and the break will no doubt give me the energy to find the next way to make my mark, and do so with the enthusiasm and commitment for which I’m known.

You can read the whole article here:


2 thoughts on “My Healthwise Ottawa feature

  1. That’s great! It’s always nice to get some recognition for your hard work. I can ony see the first part of the article though. Am I doing something wrong?


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