Introducing PlantKind – Please join us!

You may have noticed that the blog has been pretty inactive for the past few months.  There’s a reason for this.  I have recently launched the first stage of a new initiative, and that is taking up most of my “spare” time.  That initiative is called PlantKind.  I am hoping that many of the Mindful Maven blog subscribers will consider subscribing to receive PlantKind updates.

PlantKind is was founded by myself, and another long-time vegan advocate Kyle den Bak. We noticed that many people who believe in vegan ethics of kindness, compassion, and valuing the sentience of all animals struggle to not only become vegan, but also to stay vegan for many reasons such as social pressures, information overload, and lack of support. We noticed that many vegans over-complicate their diets, becoming hung up on micro nutrients, super foods, and eating gourmet at most meals. Others become overwhelmed with the powerful emotions that can come with a vegan awakening, and struggle to be effective, positive advocates.


Clockwise from top left: Pamela Tourigny, Kyle den Bak, Jane Kearnan den Bak, Susan Macfarlane



As long-time vegans with successful professional and athletic track records, we decided to join forces to create something that would simplify the vegan lifestyle, making it easier to become vegan, adopt vegan practices, and stay vegan.  PlantKind evolved out of months of discussion, research and observation.  Kyle’s wife, Jane, a cardiac nurse, and registered dietitian Susan Macfarlane were attracted to this concept and have joined as founding contributors to PlantKind.

PlantKind will offer a range of products and services, aimed at simplifying vegan living.  PlantKind offers an approach that covers not only nutrition information, but also offers practical advice and support to help people to be happy and healthy vegans in their daily lives, even as they go against the grain in a meat-centric world.

Here’s my first original PlantKind blog post, as well as one by Kyle about the very simple diets of elite Kenyan runners, and one by Susan about food security and making peace with our diet.

I hope that you will join us.


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