Ottawa area vegan cheesemaker opening fauxmage factory, cheese shop + a contest!

(Please read on for contest instructions.)

Canada’s purveyor of fine vegan cheeses – Fauxmagerie Zengarry – is dramatically expanding its production and will be opening Canada’s first all-vegan cheese shop in Alexandria ON on Wednesday, August 10. (For now the cheese shop is a little table and a freezer.)

When I went vegan, vegan cheese wasn’t really a thing.  I bought a cookbook full of recipes for “uncheese,” but since none even came close I eventually gave up and for nearly six years, I simply didn’t eat anything that involved “cheesiness.”

Twelve years later, we are awash with vegan cheese options, ranging from shreds, to blocks, to spreads, and made from a multitude of ingredients.  Vegans, unless you have been vegan for more than six years, you have no idea how lucky we are today!

Opinions about which vegan cheese is best vary wildly, and online discussion is heated. But one vegan cheese brand that virtually everyone can agree is pretty fantastic is Fauxmagerie Zengarry.

Lynda Turner got her start experimenting with making vegan cheeses  five years ago, and began selling them at health food stores in Ottawa about three years ago.  Today, she has distribution across Ontario and Quebec, and she’s working on national distribution.


You can now buy her creamy cashew cheeses – some spreadable, some not, all delicious – at health food stores and fine food retailers all over the place; flavours include brie, sundried tomato and basil, garlic and fine herb, gruyère, and smokey jalapeno. Her extended Réserve Spéciale collection is available only by direct order and include fauxmage bleu, rosemary blueberry chèvre, pub cheddar and holiday brie.

The company has reached the point that it can no longer meet consumer demand by producing fauxmages out of Turner’s home kitchen; on Wednesday it opens its cheese factory and shop doors after weeks of renovations to the space at 209 Main St. N., Alexandria.  An official grand opening will follow in the fall.

Turner, who left her job as a government scientist to focus full-time on making vegan cheese, is excited and nervous about the big move.

“I’m going to have to sell a LOT of cheese!” she says with a laugh. “Fortunately our distribution continues to grow, right along with the army of fauxmage enthusiasts.  My goal  – my dream – is for everyone to be able to buy delicious dairy-free cheeses wherever they buy their groceries!”

The Fauxmagerie Zengarry website includes an online store, as well as dozens of recipes, many of which use the cashew cheeses as an ingredient.

Like this one:

mexican mac

And this one:


This homegrown vegan business needs our support as it takes its next big step!  Let’s rally behind Lynda and Fauxmagerie Zengarry to Spread the Love!


Visit the recipe section of the Fauxmagerie Zengarry website.

Choose one recipe that you would love to try, and share in the comments below which recipe, as well as the link TO the recipe.

Contest closes Friday, Aug. 12. I will randomly choose one entry to win a prize package of three Zengarry fauxmages, and a box of (yes, gluten-free) crackers!  Winner must be able to pick up their prize in central Ottawa.

Disclosure: I am a marketing advisor to Fauxmagerie Zengarry; as such, this post could be considered indirectly sponsored.


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36 thoughts on “Ottawa area vegan cheesemaker opening fauxmage factory, cheese shop + a contest!

  1. Omg my girlfriend and I used to love queso sauce when we would go to mexican restaurants in the states and since going vegan it’s definitely one thing that we have missed enjoying together. So the Zengarry Queso Sauce is something I will definitely have to try!


  2. This is amazing! I’d love to try the Mushroom, Lentil, and Wild Rice Timbales. Lentils are something that I love to eat but never make for myself! I’d love to explore more lentil recipes to get more comfortable with making homemade lentil dishes. This recipe also combines some of my other favourite things (mushrooms, rosemary, wild rice) so it sounds like an all-around winner for me.


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