I am a passionate advocate, a builder of community, and a connector. I build relationships and seek to understand peoples’ motivations, and the barriers and pressures that they face in a variety of aspects of their lives – especially the foods that they eat.

I am one of the Ottawa area’s leading voices on the topics of veganism, health, ethical consumerism and sustainable living.  I am also a communications and marketing consultant providing services to small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

I co-founded Ottawa’s annual vegan food festival in 2009, and have organized dozens of community events. I was honoured with the Ottawa Mayor’s Community Builder award in 2016 for my efforts.

I aim to help people to navigate peoples’ individual challenges, so that they can live happy and healthy lives that also align with their values.  I understand that it’s just not easy for everyone to make big changes.

I have dedicated my life and my career to bringing veganism to the mainstream – it’s this commitment and staying power that I bring to my coaching services. I walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I have a long and proven track record of building initiatives from the ground up, by leveraging her connections and powerful communications  skills. She has built relationships with media and influencers through trust and strong story telling.



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