Ttaraara Boland – Graphic Design

Tara is a graduate of Algonquin College’s graphic design program, who loves vegan Ethiopian food and pizza. She is the founder of Inner Echo, which makes Mala beads, bracelets, and wraps.


Allison Carrigan – Vegan Eats Ottawa directory13082646_10153991494241839_4193589485793481476_n

Allison is a jack of all trades who excels at finding – and eating – vegan food. She keeps the Vegan Eats Ottawa directory up-to-date; it’s a tough job eating all of Ottawa’s vegan food, but someone has to do it, and Allison is making that sacrifice for all of us.

Joelle Tremblay – Vegan Eats Ottawa directory

Joelle is  a corporate cat with an extensive academic career and thirst for learning who loves everything vegan and lifestyle. She teaches yoga, and founded After living abroad, she wanted to help bring the vegan community together so she launched @VegansOfOttawa on Instagram. She helps to keep the VEO directory up to date with all the new vegan things.