karlKarl Hoppner – Social Media/Video

Karl is an aspiring entrepreneur currently studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Algonquin College, and a passionate advocate for the plant-based lifestyle. He is also a fitness enthusiast and trains daily for long distance triathlons.

Ttaraara Boland – Graphic Design

Tara is a graduate of Algonquin College’s graphic design program, who loves vegan Ethiopian food and pizza. She is the founder of Inner Echo, which makes Mala beads, bracelets, and wraps.


Josée Cyr – Business Admin

Josée holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University. She is a vegan lifestyle enthusiast, vegan blogger, and expert in the realm of healthy beauty products.

Allison Carrigan – Vegan Eats Ottawa directory13082646_10153991494241839_4193589485793481476_n

Allison is a jack of all trades who excels at finding – and eating – vegan food. She keeps the Vegan Eats Ottawa directory up-to-date; it’s a tough job eating all of Ottawa’s vegan food, but someone has to do it, and Allison is making that sacrifice for all of us.