Get Pamela working for you.

A few FAQs:

I am an individual:

Q: Would you please provide me with your restaurant recommendation?  I need something that meets a particular criteria.

A:  Please check out for a compilation of my recommendations. I am not able to provide more personal recommendations.

Q:  Can you provide me with private counsel for the challenges I am facing as a vegan?

A:  I wish I could, but unfortunately I am not able to commit the time for this level of personalization for free. I am self-employed which means I am paid by the hour by B2B clients.  If there is enough demand and people are willing to pay for this service, I would consider implementing it. In the meantime, I would suggest reaching out to the local veg communities on Facebook:  National Capital Vegetarian Association and Ottawa Vegetarians and Vegans.

Q: Would you please speak at my event?

A: That depends on quite a few things, including where and when it is, the topic, etc.  Particularly if you have a specific topic in mind that is outside of my normal areas of expertise (vegan outreach, sustainability, Vegan 101), an honorarium is appreciated as it takes time to prepare for and attend events.  I also favour occasions at which I have the opportunity to build my mailing list.  I do not, however, seek “exposure” for the sake of it.

I am a business owner:

Q: I have a small business and just want to pick your brain about marketing for a bit. Can we meet for coffee?

A:  If you are a prospective client I would be happy to schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to discuss if my services are right for you.  I also provide a “pick my brain” paid service that can be conducted in-person or by Skype.  The experience and knowledge I have gained over 20+ combined years of paid and volunteer experience has value, and isn’t something that I can give away.  That wouldn’t be fair to the clients who pay me.  However I do have flexible and fair options for businesses of all sizes.

Q:  People seem to really listen to your restaurant recommendations! Would you please a) come and eat here and write about it, or b) hold a meet up at my restaurant to help bring in customers?

A: If your establishment is sufficiently vegan friendly, I would be happy to discuss trying/recommending / holding a meet up there, for a fee.  Writing blog posts, holding events, and soliciting attendees takes a lot of time and energy, and my recommendation has value.  I have driven many thousands of people to restaurants with my recommendations and have the testimonials to prove it.  I cannot be paid to recommend something that I would not otherwise recommend, but I do need my time and efforts to be fairly covered.  Email me if you’d like to discuss further.

Q: I have a great vegan product that I’d love to introduce you to so that you can spread the word. Can we chat about that?

A:  If you are representing an MLM, probably not. I am well aware of Arbonne, Epicure, Isagenix etc. and if you haven’t seen me speak of them it’s because I don’t use them and am not particularly interested in doing so.  I’m sure they’re great products, but they’re not for me.  If you are a product manufacturer or retailer/restaurant with a product, maybe.  My recommendation has value, and I don’t give it out because I am asked.  If I try it and like it, I just may tell others.  But I’m also busy and probably won’t dedicate a couple of hours of my time to come to you, pay you to try it, and then spend more time sharing it and then answering people’s questions.  That’s a lot of energy for something which does not benefit me. I do however take advertising for my website and e-newsletter, and I will do sponsored posts on my blog and social media platforms. I am also a  marketing, and offer business services to businesses of all sizes. So you may be interested in those too.


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