Phase One – Strategy

  • Detailed discussion of the business’ current state, and its growth trajectory over the next six months.
    • Current sales and growth targets
    • What is already known about what works/doesn’t work
    • Budget for marketing
  • Identification of goals, supporting objectives, and KPIs.
  • Identification of key audiences, their needs, motivations and interests.
  • Review and assessment of online and social media presence, with critical feedback.
  • A strategic planning session to map out the next six months.
  • Research into the competitive landscape
  • Development of a marketing/communications strategy, with tactics stemming from the business objectives. Incorporation of measurement wherever possible.
  • Development of brand narrative, slogan(s) and key messages
  • Recommendation of tactics (and rationale), depending on objectives and budget, which could include:
  • Influencer/blogger outreach
  • Strategic guest blogging
  • Additional special/marquee events
  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Identification of strategic business partnerships
  • Contests
  • Media pitches
  • Creation of marketing materials
  • Niche advertising
  • Video
  • Surveying
  • Trackable coupons/special offers program
  • Optimization of e-newsletter

Phase two – Planning

  • Review of proposed plan and budget, and adjustment of the scope of the plan based on the budget
  • Development of work plan/timeline
  • Development of editorial calendar for the next 60 days

Estimated Consulting Budget: 

Estimated Completion:

Phase three – Execution

  • Monthly retainer for ongoing support and assistance with execution of tactics, analysis, measurement etc.
  • Three or six month term to start.

Estimated Consulting Budget:

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