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Live the Smart Way

I’ve known Pamela for four years, and have been consistently impressed by her professionalism, resourcefulness, and ability to do anything to which she sets her mind. Not only does she throw her full effort behind her endeavours, she does so while also constantly being aware of the strategic underpinnings of her actions, and while exuding competency, credibility and reliability.

Pamela is a big picture thinker who is also strong tactically; a primary strength being that she aligns individual tactics with the big picture at all times, while also finding innovative, multi-pronged solutions. There are plenty of people out there who have style but little substance; Pamela is a rare gem who has both.

Rachelle Mesheau, former director of marketing, terra20

From the moment I received Pamela’s application for the Community Manager at terra20, I knew her interest was more than skin deep. She quickly proved her passion for the company by building a strong terra20 community before our doors even opened. Even after the fact, when day-to-day projects were piling up, she never lost sight of what was most important – our consumer. Always quick to respond, Pamela would go beyond simply offering solutions, she would approach any challenging experience in a way that secured lifelong fans – and not because it was her job, but because she truly enjoyed the relationships she made.

In addition to strong communication skills, Pamela is a self-starter who requires little, if any, supervision to get the job done. She voluntarily works overtime to ensure no question is left unanswered. And you can always count on her to get the job done on time and within budget.

Chris Read, blogger, Canadian Dad

I worked on a number of promotions with Pam while she was Communications Manager with terra20. It was evident from the moment we met that Pam was very passionate about the work she was doing and also about the products and message that terra20 were selling. To me and the blogging community, Pam was the face of terra20 and represented that brand in a way that I would want my business represented.

Tovah Paglaro, David Suzuki Foundation

Working with Pamela is a smooth experience. She has a comprehensive understanding of the business and social venture aspect of her role, which she melds with her skills as a communicator to create a deeply committed community. Partnering with her – and her Terra20 community – is a delight.

Josh Flower, former President, National Capital Vegetarian Association

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pamela since joining the National Capital Vegetarian Association as a volunteer, and have been extremely impressed with how she has translated a passion for the cause into tangible results and successes. She has been key in attracting and inspiring dedicated volunteers, setting important objectives, and accomplishing many goals including Veg Fest, the city’s annual vegetarian festival designed to spread the word and support the community. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, the festival is a huge success and a can’t miss event for vegetarians across Ottawa. I hope to continue working with Pamela to advance the vegetarian cause locally and beyond

Kimberly Howie, Owner, Spaw at Home

I contacted Pamela for her ‘Pick my Brain’ service; she gave me several ideas and really helped me work on my action plan. Pamela was instantly able to tell me why my current marketing wasn’t working for me, and how to fix it. She offers clear guidance and extremely valuable services for small businesses. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone requiring marketing or communications assistance!


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