Restaurant Menu Consulting

People’s attitudes about food and its production are changing rapidly.  If you’re a busy business owner or chef who wants to stay on top of these trends, this service is for you.

The Food Revolution is upon us

haregWe are currently in the midst of a seismic shift of how – and why – our society consumes food.  Today’s restaurant patron is increasingly turning away from unhealthy and ethically questionable mainstays, and seeking better alternatives. The restaurants and cafes that are ready to provide these options are the ones that will thrive.

People are demanding better; if you want their business, you have to give it to them.  Every indication is that animal ingredients and unhealthy foods are on their way out, likely for good.

Fast Facts:

Stay ahead of the curve

On Rogers Daytime with client Lynda Turner of Fauxmagerie Zengarry.

On Rogers Daytime with client Lynda Turner of Fauxmagerie Zengarry.

As a business owner/manager you likely realize that you’re lagging behind the market, but are so tied up with the day to day of running your business that you aren’t sure where to start to make changes, and you definitely don’t have the time to get up to speed on the best way to serve – and reach – the growing number of mindful eaters.

These are people who will eat at home rather than eat out, and they are people who do the best they can when they eat out but aren’t satisfied with their options.  Very often a restricted eater will be in the driver’s seat when larger groups choose where to dine.  As the number of these people has increased, so has the number of dining groups containing at least one.  Non-restricted eaters in a group will often let the vegan pick the restaurant, and since many vegans don’t like “forcing” a vegan restaurant on the rest of the group they will often choose a “regular” restaurant, so long as it has vegan options.

 That’s where I come in. I can help you  to accommodate the growing demand for vegan and healthy options in a way that earns the interest and trust of these customers and their dining partners, but which also minimizes the adverse affects on your business. I can help you to make it as painless  as possible, and position your business to service this growing market.

How I can help

I offer an affordable consulting package that includes:

  • Menu review and assessment
  • Information gathering to understand goals, challenges, customer base.
  • Recommendations: Identify low hanging fruit and easy fixes, recommend specific menu additions/substitutions/subtractions, assistance with identifying recipes and suppliers.
  • Provision of resources – Vegan/Gluten-free literacy and staff training information, tips and tricks.
  • Assistance with marketing – in-bound (proper labelling and lingo) and outbound (through my promotional channels, as well as yours.)  My recommendation carries some weight!
  • Referral to a NYC-trained chef/nutritionist for further menu development, if needed.

Contact me today for a preliminary discussion to see if my services are right for you and your business.  (Scroll down for contact form.)


Gabrielle Bégin – Owner, Gourmet Café+

I connected with Pamela through the Vegan Eats Ottawa Facebook page asking for help to introduce vegan food to our brand new café’s menu. She responded quickly and was very keen to assist.  It wasn’t long before we had a meeting, during which she reviewed our menu and current offering with us, talked to us about what our limitations and strengths, and came up with a nice idea: a vegan BLT, which she felt would have a good cache factor and would attract attention. We already served many kinds of sandwiches so it was perfect for us. The same night she provided me with recipe resources. I tried them out and few days later Pamela came with two taste testers to try the food. They loved it, and provided valuable, actionable feedback.  

Then Pamela wrote an article about us on her blog; the article was amazing and described our café very well. Within days we started seeing vegan people coming! I couldn’t believe it! It was clear that Pamela is greatly trusted and respected within the community, and is able to influence people to take her recommendations. Her post was shared to Facebook more than 400 times!  We now have vegan customers coming nearly every day, which is pretty remarkable since our location is a bit out of the way.  She provided the kickstart that we needed. Pamela’s job didn’t end there; she continues to support us through social media, and has been instrumental in connecting us with a growing segment of our clientele. Pamela brings a unique combination of subject matter expertise, combined with a strong and recognizable voice and leadership.

About Me
pamela haregAs an 11-year vegan, I’ve been the “canary in the coal mine” for years, watching  as emerging foods and concerns evolved from niche interests, to mainstream acceptance.  Through my professional and volunteer experience I am tapped into the ethical and healthy consumer in a way that few others are.

I co-founded Ottawa’s vegan food festival – Ottawa Veg Fest – back in 2009, as a volunteer endeavour, and have offered my advice and support to many food service providers through that, and through eight years of volunteerism with the National Capital Vegetarian Association.  I also founded and have moderated Ottawa’s largest Facebook group of vegans, vegetarians and veg-curious people since 2008.

Today, I blog about veganism and ethical lifestyle at and for the Huffington Post, run a Facebook page called Vegan Eats Ottawa, and work as the Community Director for the Live the Smart Way Expo, a healthy living show that is crossing ten Canadian cities in 2016.  Through this role I have become further knowledgable about health food and gluten-free living trends.