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Pamela Tourigny is an award-winning vegan advocate and community builder.

She is trusted for her advice and suggestions about where to find and eat vegan food in Ottawa. The Vegan Eats Ottawa directory is a natural extension of those many years of tireless involvement in the Ottawa vegan community.

Remember – vegan food is for everyone!


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Vegan Restaurants & Bakeries

Very Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Bakeries

Vegan-Friendly Cafes, Coffee Houses, Desserts

Restaurants & Eateries With Solid Vegan Options

Vegan Friendly Fast Food, Juice Bars & Food Trucks

Wholesale products, catering, and special order vegan

Vegan Food Shopping 

Do you know of a business that would be a good fit for this directory? Please get in touch!

Acknowledgement given to Jane Kearnan den Bak for her contributions to an early version of this Guide.