Restaurants & eateries with solid vegan options

NEW: Mad Radish
116 Albert Street Suite 100 and
859 Bank Street 

New eaterie opened July 2017 with tons of vegan options; as a matter of fact, about 90% of their menu is vegan, and clearly identified. Choose between soups, salads, bowls, freshly baked bread, granola bar or indulge in their coconut soft serve ice cream. They also donate produce to those in need with every purchase made through an account!

pressed café

750 Gladstone

Neighbourhood sandwich café that serves breakfast and brunch as well. They have plenty of vegan options, including their famous vegan poutine, which they only serve during weekend brunches.



NEW: Capital Fare Cafe (Baccanalle)
106-595 Montreal Road

This is a small cafe located in a medical office building that was recently taken over by award winning chef Resa Soloman St. Louis of Baccanalle. It is currently open 8 am – 3 pm on weekdays, and features a fresh healthy lifestyle menu, including Baccanalle’s famous Caribbean foods like vegan curry, black bean and corn salad, and vegan patties. Lots of gluten-free options as well.

vanitea room

The Vanitea Room
551 Somerset Street West  

Incredibly cute tea house opened from 9 to 5 Wednesday to Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday). Serves bottomless mimosas on the weekend for 15$. Brunch has two vegan options: the tofu benedicts and the dynamo poutine (now features MadFaux cheese). They also offer the vegan tea option for the same price as the regular tea, but require 24h notice.

Ethiopian Coffee & Veggie
777 Gladstone Avenue

Ethiopian Coffee & Veggie opened in early July 2016 on Gladstone Avenue. For $8.50 you can get a veg platter and the early reviews are very positive. The wots were fresh and tasty, injera was fresh (not gluten-free – it’s made with teff/quinoa/barley flour), but the owner said he might be able to make it without barley. The service was solid – the owners were super friendly.

Havana Café
1200 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3Y1

Havana Cafe and Catering (1200 Bank St) offers some delicious vegan options in Old Ottawa South. Two of their entrees are vegan friendly – a vegetarian wrap platter (just hold the mayo), and a vegetable tamale platter. All the sides (rice and beans, grilled veggies, yuca and plaintain) are vegan, as are most of their appetizers. Yum!

Haldi Indian Restaurant
449 Preston St

Indian restaurant with solid vegan options and friendly knowledgeable staff.

150 Elgin Street
(613) 238-7063

Fine dining… at its finest. Beckta is an upscale restaurant located in an historical building on Elgin street. Their is a dining room as well as a wine bar where you can dine. It is recommended to make a reservation nonetheless. When you book, simply mention that you would like the vegan menu. The lunch is a la carte, but the dinner is fixed (either three or five course).

The food is splendid, the service is exquisite, and the presentation is impeccable. Location is also great, with an indoor parking attached. Great place to celebrate something special.

Two Six {Ate}
268 Preston Street
(613) 695-8200

A small plates restaurant featuring local, seasonal, sustainable food. A few items on the menu can be made vegan, and staff are friendly and willing to accommodate dietary requests.

Mr. Mozzarella
1433 Woodroffe Avenue 
(613) 226-9000

Mr Mozzarella on Woodroffe Avenue offers a delicious vegan cheese-less pizza. The crust is made out of sugar, yeast, salt and oil NO DAIRY OR EGG. The creamy garlic sauce is homemade and vegan (it’s also their best seller).  For one delicious option, ask for THAI SAUCE as the base and pineapple, spinach, grilled zucchini as the toppings + garlic as dipping sauce! Sun dried tomatoes are a delicious addition as well!

East India Company (two locations)
1993 Robertson Road, Ottawa ON Ph: (613-721-3777)
210 Somerset St. W Ottawa ON Ph: (613-567-4634)

Indian restaurant and buffet with solid vegan options. At the buffet at the Robertson Road location, they recently offered vegan samosas, potato dumplings, chickpea curry, an eggplant dish and a zucchini dish as well. The naan isn’t vegan, but the staff are very helpful if you have any questions as to what is. Delivery also available.

Lowertown Brewery
73 York Street (Byward Market)

You probably wouldn’t assume that this particular eatery is vegan friendly, but the head chef at this Byward Market craft brew pub is former ZenKitchen chef Kyle Mortimer-Proulx, who definitely knows his way around vegetables. He’s continued the vegan-friendly tradition now at Lowertown; during a twitter chat, he mentioned that on Lowertown’s dinner menu, 3 of 10 menu items are vegan and that there are always 1-2 off-menu offered as well. ©

175 Lisgar Street (Centretown)

Genji is a slightly upscale sushi bar in the heart of downtown, that has many vegan options. Vegetarian options are marked on the menu, but ask staff to clarify what is vegan (some vegetarian items contain mayo or egg).  The menu is a-la-carte – no all you can eat here!  This is not a discount sushi restaurant, but it has the ambiance to justify the price premium.  A great place for a date. Don’t miss the tofu steak appetizer! Closed on Monday. ©

3993 Riverside Drive, Ottawa


Ottawa’s south end is woefully lacking in vegan options but Bambu – which is at the busy and suburban intersection of Hunt Club and Riverside – is one place where vegans can consistently eat.  It has a nice Eastern-inspired clean decor, with big booths and well padded seating.  It’s also huge, and can accommodate big groups. It has several sushi varieties that are or can be made vegan, a few yummy sides (edamame, greens) and some stir-fry options (although it’s best to double check.) The miso soup that comes as a side for many things is NOT vegan – it contains fish sauce.  A relaxed, slightly upscale environment that’s great for eating with mixed company when downtown isn’t an option. ©

NEW LISTING:  Talay Thai
511 Bank Street (Centretown)

From my friend Jen:  I’ve had really great luck with Talay Thai, both when I was vegetarian as well as once I transitioned to vegan. They have a full ‘vegetable’ section of their menu with several vegan options (I highly recommend the Pad Pak Peanut! It’s incredible!). The ingredients are always fresh and delicious and the caliber of the food is beyond any Thai restaurant I’ve had in Ottawa. I would say that it is one of the best restaurants in Ottawa overall. The restaurant is beautiful and the staff are very helpful and attentive. But take-out is always a treat too since the food is so delicious! I’d highly recommend!

CLOSED: Share Freehouse
327 Somerset St W, Ottawa (Centretown)

Unfortunately, this hip chic place closed. 

Daily Grind
601 Somerset St. W. (Chinatown)

Sadly, closed due to fire – Oct. 2015.

Phuket Royal
713 Somerset St. W. Ottawa (Chinatown)


Phuket Royal is a cute Thai-style restaurant in Chinatown with some great vegan options. Make sure to let the server know you are vegan so they avoid using fish sauce.

Asian fusion cuisine with a “vegetable” menu that has many tofu and vegetable dishes. The staff is knowledgeable (in my experience) when you say 100% vegetarian or no fish sauce. The green curry, pa nang tao hu (similar to pad thai) and fried tofu with sweet chili sauce are delicious. They also have the banana sticky rice desert that is cooked and served in the bamboo leaves.

The portions are a good size for an affordable price. Plus it’s one of the rare spots in Ottawa open past 9pm. This gem is definitely worth checking out.

Taj Indian Cuisine
3009 Carling Avenue

The small family owned restaurant owner/chef Indu creates North Indian Cuisine with a vegan twist. The chef can create any vegetarian dish cooked with coconut or almond milk.  Some dishes include: Channa Masala, Alu Gobi, Vegetable Korma made with either coconut or almond milk, ..etc.

Taj Indian Cuisine specializes in customizing its North Indian dishes to suit its clients’ food palettes.

Wei’s Noodle House
726 Somerset St W, Ottawa

Review by Filburt Shellbach. Wei’s Noodle House is a great little Vietnamese restaraunt located in China Town (corner of Somerset and Bell St.).  A friend of mine and his partner stumbled upon it when looking for something new to try. He was in awe when he noticed they made their own vegetarian (vegan) meat. Ever since then it’s been a popular spot amongst our group of friends which is mostly made up of vegans and vegetarians.

Wei and the staff there are very friendly and courteous. The menu doesn’t have a separate veg section, but anything throughout the menu with the green leaf beside it is vegan. Wei is pretty good about asking your dietary needs (if you’re vegan or have nut allergies).

My personal favourite dishes are the vermicelli noodles with the vegetarian meat, the pad thai, and the chili garlic tofu. They also make a really delicious salad which you can get as a side. The salad consists of a great fresh mix of lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and red peppers mixed with fresh herbs (cilantro, mint and thai basil) and a delicious dressing. One thing I find with some of the veg friendly Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants is that they can be really salty and greasy, but with Wei’s I don’t find that to be the case. Fresh, delicious and you don’t leave with your belly feeling like it’s going to explode. You leave feeling great!

Mellos Restaurant
290 Dalhousie St. (Byward Market)

Closing as of Dec. 31, 2015.

Lieutenant’s Pump
361 Elgin St.

While the Pump sadly no longer has its special vegan menu, there are many food options on its menu that are either already vegan, or can be made vegan with the omission of cheese or mayo (you will need to ask to confirm). What we do know is that they’re very open to accommodating us plant eaters. From their website,We believe vegetarians should be able to go to a pub with their friends and have more than the same old bland salad of iceberg lettuce and canned dressing! So we put some great vegetarian dishes on our menu (and some very nice salads, too). We are also able to prepare vegetarian versions of several of our dishes.”  Good to have the options, as late-night vegan fare can be tough to find in the city. ©

Fiazza Fresh Fired
88 Murray St. (Byward Market)


If you’re craving vegan pizza, this is your best bet in Ottawa (outside of Cafe My House’s Sunday pizza night). This is a build your own pizza joint, that has Daiya vegan cheese as one of its topping options, and many terrific fresh toppings from which to choose. Each pizza is made to order, right in front of you, so there’s no guesswork about if something is vegan or not. They also carry dessert items from local Ottawa bakeries, including Strawberry Blonde. In the summer their open concept dining space opens to the outdoors for a patio effect. ©

House of Targ
1077 Bank Street (Old Ottawa South)

targ brunchHouse of Targ is actually a basement pinball arcade, so don’t wear your Sunday best. Other than pinball, its claim to fame is hand-made perogies. This includes their special vegan “cheddar bacon” perogies, which are served with a side of cashew dill “sour cream” and of course, sauerkraut. Now on weekends, House of Targ also has a vegan brunch platter; for only $12 you get four perogies with the fixings, toast, a fruit cup, and unlimited coffee (juice or tea also available.) Open Thursday – Sunday.  Last call for perogies is 10:30PM.  ©

Horn of Africa
364 Rideau Street (Sandy Hill)

Horn of Africa is Ottawa’s original Ethiopian restaurant, and is located along Rideau between downtown and Vanier. The vegetarian platter is inexpensive, and consists of several vegetable and legume stews spooned over injera bread (it isn’t gluten-free here) with a green salad in its centre.  A good option for dinner and a movie at the Bytowne Theatre, which is across the street.  ©

Panago Pizza

image1 (1)

1069 Bank Street (Old Ottawa South)

Panago Pizza offers vegan alternative and veggie creative pizzas. From their new Vegan Canadian (vegan peperoni, mushrooms, banana peppers and daiya) to their create-your-own there is plenty of choices. The indian inspired Veggie Korma can also be made with Daiya to be fully vegan.

The staff is very friendly and most vegan options are well labelled, but they are also very knowledgeable.

408 Dalhousie Street (Byward Market)

Sister restaurant to Ceylonta. Menu has a full page of vegan appetizers, soups, and mains. Take-out or delivery (minimal seating). ©

The Manx
370 Elgin Street (Centretown)

At night the Manx is primarily a bar/pub, but come weekend morning time its a hoppin’ brunch spot that has long had vegan brunch options.  The mainstay is the Curried Vegan Tofu Scramble / sautéed with zucchini, peppers, onions, braised mushrooms & tomatillo salsa served with cowboy beans, mixed greens and toast for just $10.99, and they typically offer a vegan breakfast burrito (or something that can be modified easily to be vegan).  The Manx also has vegan alternatives for lunch and dinner.  ©

574 Rideau Street (Sandy Hill)

Habesha is an Ethiopian restaurant that’s just a few blocks down the street from Horn of Africa. You can order a veggie platter, but you can also order the curries individually – perhaps order a few and eat a bit of each for a few days for a healthy work lunch!  Unlike “Horn,” Habesha also has a traditional kale stir fry if you’re trying to eat your greens. It makes for a bit more of a balanced meal, in my opinion.   Online menu viewable here©

Play Food & Wine
1 York Street (Byward Market)

Play is an upscale sharing plates restaurant located in the Byward Market and run by the renowned Ottawa chef Stephen Beckta.  Play has a separate ever-changing vegan menu that you need to request, and has an award winning wine and beer list. The options range from appetizers to entree-sized, and feature creative combinations.  While the food is definitely on the gourmand side, if you are a really hungry person, you will need to order quite a bit to meet your hunger.  Great for special occasions and important client meetings where you need to impress.

Jak’s Kitchen
479 Bronson Ave, Ottawa (Centretown)
(613) 230-2088

Jak’s on Bronson has one solid vegan option; the smoked tofu wrap. It comes with salad and your choice of side. It’s already vegan – no need to modify. It also sounds really fancy: Hickory smoked tofu filet / sesame BBQ glaze / chimi churri / ginger fried baby kale / warm quinoa salad. There are a few other options that can be modified. They have housemade hot sauces on each table, a must try! Jak’s is the kind of place that you can bring your foodie friends and colleagues and they’ll be satisfied too.

Hao Sushi
1580 Merivale Road #10 (Nepean)
(613) 680-0188

The Veggie Dragon roll is the absolute best. Besides that they have all the classics like mushroom, avocado, cucumber, mango, seaweed salad, avo + cuc, avo + tofu, and radish! Also awesome veggie apps available too. My friend Josee recommends the “yasa roll.” Open later than most places (10:30 pm).

Coconut Lagoon
853 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa (Ottawa East)

Photo courtesy Kimberly Howie.
Photo courtesy Kimberly Howie.

One of the few East end spots with worthwhile vegan options. Coconut Lagoon serves South Indian cuisine.   Vegan dishes are now marked on the menu – this is fairly recent as it used to be only vegetarian dishes marked.  According to my friend Kim, Coconut Lagoon‘s weekend brunch is rife with vegan options (about half of the buffet is vegan!). Shown here is mushroom curry, vegetable korma (both made with coconut milk), lentil doughnuts, spinach and vegetables, and two kinds of rice. The papadum was also yum.

18 York Street (Byward Market) 

Sidedoor is another restaurant where both vegans and non-vegans can happily dine together.  The menu presents solid vegan options, although admittedly not a wide range of them; for example, Crispy ‘mapu’ tofu w/ vegan shiitake chili sauce and vegan coconut rice pudding.   Also located in the trendy Byward Market.  Contemporary and a bit more upscale.  Open seven days a week.

Green Papaya

256 Preston St. and 246 Queen St.

A relaxed atmosphere with Thai music and decor. The two beautiful locations have a ”Vegetable” menu and a few vegan appetizers. Always be sure to ask about fish sauce and other animal products to be safe.

Khao Thai
103 Murray St (Byward Market)

In the heart of Ottawa’s Byward Market, another great option for Thai food. They have a lengthy vegetarian menu with appetizers, soups, salads, noodle dishes and curries. It’s decor is lovely, suiting  both casual and fine dining occasions.

Kungfu Bistro
1100 Carp Rd. Stittsville

They have a handful of vegan options marked on their menu, plus gluten free menu items are marked. My vegan friend Diana has tried most of the options, they’re all good. They do delivery and take out too.

Cheshire Cat Pub
2193 Richardson Side Road

A great vegan curry dish and a unique handmade veggie burger (it’s possible that they still serve it with mayo but they’ll make it without if you ask). Great for going out with non-veg eaters. Also a great beer menu with many local breweries.

The Branch Restaurant
15 Clothier St. East, Kemptville

You wouldn’t really expect a Texas grill to be a safe spot for vegans to eat, yet The Branch is a bit of an enigma. Chef Bruce Enloe is actually a best selling cookbook authour… a VEGAN cookbook, back from his days at Millennium in San Francisco.  The Branch has some vegan appetizer options, a vegan tempeh burger, and a vegan dessert.  Not a tonne of choice, but what they do have is good, if you’re ever stranded in Kemptville.

Union Local 613
316 Somerset St. W

Union Local 613 is a super trendy restaurant downtown that has one vegetarian entree in the brunch menu, which staff are happy to veganize. The server that Janet D. had was friendly and knowledgeable about vegan requirements. She apologized for the lack of non-dairy milk, but the coffee was excellent and served in cute enamel mugs. Brunch consisted of spicy beans served in a mini cast-iron frypan, hash browns with homemade ketchup, salad and toast (dry, as they had no Vegan margarine). The food was delicious, the service friendly and the ambiance was very laid back and relaxing.  UL613 also consistently has a vegan dinner

Sushi Go

827 Bank St. (Glebe)
48 Byward Market
340 Albert St. (Downtown)
3712 Innes Rd. (Orleans)
20 blvd. du Plateau (Secteur Hull)

168 Sushi
1651 Merivale Rd. (Nepean)
1760 St. Laurent Blvd. (Elmvale)

Sushi Kan
1910 Innes Rd. (Gloucester)
1280 Baseline Rd. (Nepean)
655 Kanata Ave. (Kanata)
228 Albert St. (Downtown)

Closed: Zazaza Pizza with Pizzazz (all locations)

SADLY, ALL LOCATIONS OF ZAZAZA ARE NOW CLOSED. Offers a variety of veggie toppings, including eggplant, hummus, zucchini, asparagus, artichoke, and mushrooms; plus a couple vegan suitable dipping sauces. No vegan cheese alternatives; inquire carefully as to the vegan status of some of the toppings. Note that the New Edinburgh location closed recently (November 2015).